Committee Members’ Duties and Responsibilities


  • Chair meetings for adherence to agenda
  • Monitor actions

Committee Secretary

  • Minute committee meetings
  • Prepare agenda

Treasurer & Membership

  • Manage finances
  • Manage membership

Station Representatives

  • Knowledgeable about issues surrounding a station
  • Maintain relationships with key station staff
  • Escalation of issues to committee

Press Officer

  • Maintain a relationship with press contacts and be the voice of the committee
  • Liaise with the press on any initiatives
  • Prepare press statements

Social Media

  • Administration of platforms (at time of writing Facebook, Twitter)
  • Monitor content to be in-line with RRDRUA objectives


  • Keep web-site up-to-date and appealing
  • Monitor content to be in line with RRDRUA objectives

Members without portfolio

  • Contribution to discussion
  • Assistance to officers where sought

Campaign Leaders

  • Manage an initiative through to completion
  • Report to committee on progress of initiative

All committee members may take other duties if agreed as needed by the committee. Precise roles may be varied if though appropriate by the committee.

Non-Committee Appointment


  • Honorary role, normally a local MP who campaigns on our behalf.