Southern Temporary Timetable and the Redhill Route

Southern Timetable Changes

This morning Southern have published an amended timetable in a bid to reduce the number of last minute cancelled trains across the network.

The full details are available directly on the Southern website here.

The changes are not good for daytime Victoria passengers who now have to change at East Croydon (also longer journey times as all trains will call at Merstham, Coulsdon & Purley).

There are now 4 instead of 6 off peak services from Redhill.

Also not good for Reigate and Tonbridge customers who lose direct service to London but still at least have shuttles to Redhill. Reigate still retains its morning peak service to London Bridge and Victoria.

Southern have said they will run longer trains and replacement bus services as well where possible.

“We will still provide 95 per cent of peak capacity to London Victoria in the morning peak and returning in the evening peak. For London Bridge, we will maintain 86 per cent of the capacity in the morning peak and 84 per cent in the evening peak.

Services between Reigate and Tonbridge to Redhill, London Victoria and London Bridge: These services will mainly operate between Reigate/Tonbridge and Redhill only. Certain peak trains will continue to operate to and from London.”

On Services between Redhill and London:

“There will be fewer services overall between London and Redhill. There will be no daytime direct service between Redhill and London Victoria. Please change at East Croydon at these times.”


The main areas affected by the timetable changes are:

  • A reduction in Southern West Coastway and East Coastway peak and off-peak services
  • A reduction in peak services between Hastings and Ashford International
  • A very limited service will operate between Brighton and Seaford at peak times only – rail replacement buses will operate between Lewes and Seaford
  • No Southern service between Redhill and London Victoria in the off-peak (peak services will run as normal, as will Thameslink services to and from London)
  • An amended Southern service between Reigate and Tonbridge via Redhill
  • No Southern service to and from Guildford (this is a peak only service and South West Trains will run as normal)
  • No Southern services via Wimbledon (Thameslink will run as normal)
  • No Southern services between London Bridge and Beckenham Junction
  • No Southern service between Milton Keynes Central and Clapham Junction
  • A reduced Gatwick Express service will operate between Brighton, Gatwick Airport and London Victoria

Redhill Route Timetable Specifics

  • The first clear point is that Off-Peak services from Tonbridge/Reigate to Victoria via Redhill will not run.
  • There will be an off-peak shuttle service from Reigate to Tonbridge to maintain services on those line
  • Off-peak daytime Redhill will continue to receive half hourly Thameslink services to Bedford via City Thameslink as well as half hourly Horsham to London Bridge trains
  • Peak Victoria services will run as normal

Morning Peak Trains from Redhill

For simplicity all services are timed from Redhill

  • Trains to Bedford : 05:04, 05:34, 06:26, 7:11, 8:11, 9:25
  • Trains to London Bridge : 06:34, 07:15, 07:40, 08:40 (only 06:43 cancelled)
  • Trains to Victoria : 05:16, 05:30, 05:48, 06:13, 06:46, 07:04, 07:23, 07:53, 08:02, 08:19, 08:31, 08:53, 09:15

There are no services to Victoria after 09:15 – change at East Croydon

Evening Peak trains to Redhill

PM Peak from Victoria and London Bridge (Thameslink operating a normal service)

  • From London Bridge: 16:29, 16:59, 17:32 (REI portion), 17:59, 18:26, 18:55, 19:23
  • From Victoria: 16:09 (not MHM, ELD or SAL but REI portion), 16:49, 17:21, 17:49, 18:19, 18:49

All call MHM, ELD and SAF unless stated

Reigate Specific Morning Peak trains

  • 07:27 to London Bridge
  • 07:40 to Vic
  • 07:52 to VIC (Extra Train – takes path of Tonbridge train to London – 08:02 from Redhill)

Compensation / Delay Repay

Southern have confirmed that the compensation available will be through the normal delay repay process.

If your journey is delayed by more than 30 minutes against the normal or revised timetable, you will be entitled to compensation.

The usual rules apply