How to check what the May 2018 Timetable changes mean for you

You will have seen our commentary and submissions on the 2018 Timetable Consultation that has been run to deliver a new Timetable covering Southern, Gatwick Express, Great Northern, and Thameslink.

All of these changes are wrapped up in what’s called RailPlan20/20 and specially in our area many of our Southern Rail trains will be changed to Thameslink.

The new timetable has been published electronically (although some trains notable GWR which run from Reading to Gatwick via Reigate/Redhill) and a few Thameslink trains are missing).

Rail Plan 20/20

Every train in the timetable will have moved. Your usual train will NO LONGER be at the usual time and your journey duration will be different! 

To find out how your own personal journey will be impacted here’s what you can do to take a look right now.

1.  Head to your favourite online journey planner (this could be National Rail or Southern Rail or any of the Apps that provide train data.

2. Select your usual Journey (such as Earlswood to London Victoria) and the time of day that you would normally travel.

3. Update the date of your journey to be the 21 May 2018 (the first day of the new timetable being in place)

Note, if you put in a specific time of the train you would normally get you may want to wind back 30 mins at-least. Many trains will be running slightly earlier than they are currently timetabled.

For example:

The 06.42 from Earlswood to London Victoria calling at
– Redhill 06.46
– Merstham 06.50
– Coulsdon South 06.55
– Purley 06.59
– Easy Croydon 07.05
– Clapham Junction 07.17
– London Victoria 07.29

Giving a journey time of 47 min

Will become the the 06.30 Earlswood to London Victoria calling at
– Redhill 06.34
– Merstham 06.49
– Coulsdon South 06.54
– Purley 06.58
– East Croydon 07.04
– Clapham Junction 07.14
– London Victoria 07.22

Giving a ‘new an improved’ journey time of 52 min.

Would love to know what this means to YOUR journey and the impact it will have on your specific personal circumstances in the comments below. Not just earlier starts or longer journeys, but impacts on nursery, the school run, your working day, or onward travel when you arrive at hour destination in London or further south down the line.


5 Replies to “How to check what the May 2018 Timetable changes mean for you”

  1. Oh dear. The 09.13 from Reigate to London Bridge via Redhill has disappeared, replaced by a 9.06 or a 9.32. This is very inconvenient for those of us who connect at Redhill for the current 09.25 Thameslink to St Pancras (which becomes the 09.29). We have to get up earlier and have a 20-minute wait for our connection at Redhill.
    And question: will this new 09.06 train be an off-peak service, as the current 09.13 is?

  2. Why the longer journey times? Are they allowing for more short delays in the timetable to improve their stats and save on Delay Repay money?

    1. Is your route to Victoria? The majority of Victoria trains now go up the slow line, and wait for a connection at Redhill.

  3. What a complete shambles.
    Redhill services completely downgraded – you can barely get further south than Gatwick on a direct service.
    Only being served by slow stopping services.

    Redhill has lost all fast peak services, journeys extended and loss of direct trains to in evening to coast.

    Why are all timetable ‘improvements’ made at the cost of the Redhill route.

    Horley has lost its direct service to Victoria completely, last direct service SX is 09:26, on Saturday it is 05:31 and Sunday 05:06 and then nothing all day!!!

    No direct services for Tonbridge line to London. This could be a much more used route is the trains ran through to Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells like they used to. Now it has become a Redhill shuttle again!!!

  4. In my case, the first off peak train, that just gets me to the office in time, has been delayed by 10 minutes.
    Southern are able to increase their revenue at the expense of “customer” convenience . Fortunately, DfT monitors this closely and takes swift and resolute action.
    Hold on though, Southern don’t get the revenue increase on this franchise, DfT do.

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