Southern isn’t working, RMT contempt for East Surrey Commuters

RRDRUA is very disappointed that the RMT and GTR Southern have been unable to resolve their differences and that Rail Users are again going to find total failure again in trying to go about their daily lives.

The members of the RMT have guaranteed Jobs, a good salary and a reasonable work/life balance. Whereas, the long suffering commuters are under threat of losing jobs, losing salary, losing holiday and being unable to get home to their families. The RMT leadership shows utter contempt to the Rail users by ruining their daily lives for the honour of pushing a button to close train doors.

Along the Redhill route, the 10,000 daily East Surrey commuters find their daily commute which has already heavily suffered cuts since 2012 is now even worse. Today:-

  • Earlswood & Salfords stations are closed;
  • The Entire Tonbridge line is closed;
  • Coulsdon South, Merstham & Horley have a limited off-peak only service so virtually closed for the majority of users.
  • Services to London from Reigate are not running at all, leaving a limited connecting service
  • Trains from Redhill are one-third of the normal level (a 60% cut in a service that has been cut consistently since 2012).

Last trains this week to Redhill are around 7pm, meaning that commuters and visitors alike have little choice but to cut their day short in London. GTR Southern and Thameslink will still be running 8 trains per hour to Gatwick straight through Redhill but are unable to plan a service to stop at Redhill.

All in all another heavy slap in the face for the poor, tired and frustrated commuters in East Surrey. The Government needs to step and make sure Redhill route commuters get a better normal service and some respect from themselves and the Rail Companies.

Strike week travel information for commuters from Redhill

With the strike going ahead as planned, here’s our understanding of the options available for travel into London for Redhill route passengers.

Planned Strike Week Running information

REDHILL – Trains running – PEAK to London

  • To London Bridge 06:34 …………………and that’s it
  • To Blackfriars 05:04, 05:34, 06:26, 07:11, 08:11, 09:25
  • To Victoria 07:21, 07:51, 08:21, 08:50, 09:21

REDHILL – Trains Running – Off Peak

  • To Blackfriars from 11:17 – xx:17 and xx:47 – last train 17:19 (although there is one at 00:48??)
  • To London Victoria – all daytime – xx:21 & xx:51 to 16:51, then 17:28, 17:57, 18:26 & 18:51

REDHILL – Trains Running – return from London

  • Blackfriars from 10:08 – xx:08 & xx:38 until 16:38
  • Evening Peak 17:20, 17:52, 18:30 & 19:08
  • Victoria from 07:09 – xx:09 & xx:39 – to 16:09
    EVENING PEAK 16:36, 17:03, 17:35, 18:04, 18:35 and that’s it
  • No Service from London Bridge

Other stations:

  • Merstham – NO PEAK SERVICES

Southern have suggested they hope to run an evening service from Victoria to Redhill (leaving Victoria at xx:09 & xx:39 to 23:39). They cannot confirm they can because it depends on numbers of Drivers/Guards turning up – they will not know if they can until late Monday Morning – they will publicise if it does happen.

Alternative Travel

DORKING (All services running as normal)

  • Southern will run DOO services to/from Victoria roughly every half hour – they take about an hour as they stop at most stations via Sutton
  • SWT run trains every half hour to Waterloo (via Clapham Junction) and they take about 55 minutes


  • A little known station on the Tattenham Corner branch which is just over the other side of the M25 – about 10 mins drive from Reigate/Redhill.
  • All services are DOO so will be running as normal
  • Trains run to LONDON BRIDGE approx. every half hour and take 55 minutes in peak and 50 minutes off peak.
  • There are also a few Victoria trains in the peak


  • Go Via GATWICK AIRPORT after Redhill services finish and catch
    Thameslink 00:39 to Redhill or
  • GWR service from Gatwick to Redhill and Reigate
    Depart Gatwick at 20:03, 21:03, 22:22 & 23:18
  • Don’t forget 100 bus also runs between Gatwick and Redhill – see Metrobus for times

Options using MetroBus

  • Between Redhill & Reigate on routes 420, 430, 435 & 460.
  • Between Redhill, Earlswood, Salfords, Horley, Gatwick, Crawley and Three Bridges on routes 100, 400 & 460
  • Between Redhill, Nutfield, Godstone on route 400 between Redhill Station, Nutfield (A25) & Godstone village (not evenings).