Commuter Media Opportunity: Sky News & Panorma

Sky news

I’ve been contacted by Sky News who are interested in covering our struggles of how to get to work this coming Tuesday when the strike is on.

They have stressed that, whilst they are keen to feature something other than the EU referendum, they obviously don’t know what the news agenda will be that morning, so our featuring is NOT guaranteed (as with any news feature). But they would like to speak to people who will have no choice but to travel to work on Tuesday, who need to get the train and have a personal story to tell, such as whether this has affected your job, your health, home life etc. They’re not looking for aimless rants, if that makes sense! If you would be happy to take part based on the details above, please can you message me on here with your details and a small bit of background, as well as specifying that it’s Sky News you want to help with?


A producer at Panorama has contacted me about helping with a programme they’re making about the railways in the UK. They’re in early stages of development at the mo, and are trying to research what their angle will be.

I have explained our situation and background and they’re keen to involve us and our situation. They’d like to speak to people who have a story to tell – work issues/childcare problems/moving house/health problems directly resulting from train troubles. They’d also like to use footage from particularly bad services/situations on trains or at stations if people would be happy to film and share with them. However for this to be usable it MUST be filmed in LANDSCAPE rather than PORTRAIT on your phone.

If you would be interested in speaking to the producer then please message me on here with your details, background and that its Panorama you’re interested in etc and we’ll go from there. Let’s show the DfT and relevant ministers/sec of state that we won’t take this anymore and get involved.

I’m acting as Single point of contact so they aren’t overwhelmed. Thanks all – let’s put some pressure on the government and DfT!

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