Open letter on behalf of passengers who use Southern & Thameslink services

The RRDRUA has sent and published the following open letter to the Prime Minister. A PDF copy is also available for download.

The Rt. Hon Theresa May
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
United Kingdom

10 December 2016

Dear Prime Minister,

The Residents of Southern England are fed up with the continuing disruption to their daily lives cause by the problems at Southern and Thameslink Railway companies. The key fact in this disruption is the Industrial Dispute about Guards on trains and station staff. This dispute is leading to the breakdown of family life, health / stress issues and the reduced productivity for British Business lost waiting for trains that don’t run.

We have listened to your rhetoric about your government being for the ordinary people of this Country. We are Ordinary people and call on you to intervene directly in this dispute, to get it resolved quickly and swiftly for all our sakes.

It is no good stating this is a dispute between GTR and the Unions because that is not totally correct. Your Department for Transport is demanding modernisation which the Rail Company is trying to implement so your Government is a fully responsible party to this dispute.

As this is an open letter we also call on the leaders of ASLEF and the RMT to come back and negotiate swiftly on these issues with an open mind, whilst suspending all strikes and overtime bans. Entering the room and just saying no is inexcusable. It doesn’t help your members or the passengers they serve. Come into the room with proposals that will resolve the dispute and make Driver Operation work. The world has moved on and technology is improving safety and process throughout life and you and your members need to embrace this.

Here are some suggestions from us: –

  • Embrace Driver only door operation as it is safe within reason (nothing is 100% safe) but add conditions: –
    • Good Lighting at all stations where it operates
    • Dispatch staff at all large stations where crowding may occur such as Redhill
    • On Board Staff on all non-metro trains who are safety trained to evacuate trains in live rail situations.
  • During disruption to avoid cancelling trains where On-Board Staff are delayed, drivers able to take trains without on-board staff to avoid further disruption to passengers, with processes in place for on-board supervisors to be placed on train as soon as reasonably possible.
  • Extension of On Board Staff to Thameslink trains in non-metro area (for example South of East Croydon through Redhill)
  • In Metro Areas Guarantee of at least 2 stations staff with full trains safety training on all stations throughout day

In Conclusion, we ask Prime Minister, that you personally get around a negotiating table with the leaders of the RMT and ASLEF and create an agreement perhaps along the lines of our suggestions that can get Southern England back to work and resolve the issues once and for all.

When this is complete can you look to your Governments Infrastructure and Projects Authority to invest in much needed improvements to the Brighton Main Line, which includes for us Redhill Line passengers, a flyover at Stoats Nest Junction, Remodelling of Redhill Stations and Platform 3 at Reigate Station.

Thank You

For and on Behalf of the Reigate, Redhill and District Rail Users’ Association


Stephen Trigg

Southern Isn't Working

2018 Timetable Consultation Meeting

Venue Paul Rispoli Theatre,
Reigate College,
Castlefield Road,
Date and Time Wednesday 16th November 2016 at 7pm – 9pm
Free and open to all

In association with Surrey County Council and Reigate and Banstead Council we’ve arranged for Govia Thameslink Railway to come and present their proposals for the 2018 Southern and Thameslink Timetable.

Govia Thameslink Railway’s Director Phil Hutchison will explain their proposals and RRDRUA will respond at a free public meeting to be held in Reigate College on 16th November 2016 

The Next 20 Years for Services on the Redhill line are being decided in the next few months – make sure your view is heard. It affects our lives, businesses and commutes.

Southern/Thameslink have proposed for 2018 Redhill Line Timetable

  • Cutting Victoria Services from Earlswood and Salfords
  • Removing London trains from Reigate – shuttle to Redhill only
  • Increasing journey times to Victoria by over 40%
  • Removing weekend & Evening services to Brighton and South Coast

The consultation can be viewed here

Timetable Consultation meeting

Redhill route disruption in December / January

Is there ever is such a thing as a ‘Normal December’ on the railways?

Through Southern, Thameslink, and event Great Western there is planned disruption that will impact the Redhill Route.

The table below will be updated as information evolves.

With strikes already planned from RMT, and further action possibly coming form ASLEF on top of planned engineering works from Network Rail which will even impact the Reigate – Redhill – Gatwick service on a few occasions.


  • 28 November – Added ASLEF Driver strikes and extended timeline into January
  • 01 December – Moved RMT strike dates from 23/24 December to 19/20
Service Information Details
Thur, 1 Dec
Fri, 2 Dec
Sat, 3 Dec

Sun, 4 Dec

Engineering Works Busses replace trains between Purley and Redhill


On Saturday, trains from Bedford to Three Bridges will not call at: Coulsdon South, Merstham and Redhill. Customers should use Southern buses between Purley and Redhill.

Trains from Three Bridges to Bedford will run to an amended timetable. On Sunday, trains will run to an amended timetable.


All weekend, Buses replace trains between Purley and Redhill

Your train ticket will be valid on the replacement buses.

Non folding bicycles are not allowed on rail replacement bus services at any time. Folding bicycles are allowed if fully folded. For more information, please see here

Mon, 5 Dec
Tues, 6 Dec RMT Guard Strike London Underground strike by drivers if you manage to get into London will impact the Piccadilly and Hammersmith & City line
Wed, 7 Dec RMT Guard Strike  London Underground strike by drivers if you manage to get into London will impact the Piccadilly and Hammersmith & City line
Thur, 8 Dec RMT Guard Strike
Fri, 9 Dec
Sat, 10 Dec
Sun, 11 Dec Engineering Works Engineering work is taking place between Purley / Reigate and Earlswood, closing some lines.

Great Western Railway trains between Reading and Gatwick Airport will run between Reading and Reigate only. Buses will run between Reigate and Gatwick Airport (taking 20 minutes), and between Reigate and Redhill (taking 10 minutes). Please depart Gatwick Airport and Redhill 15 minutes earlier than normal to ensure you meet your train connection at Reigate.

Southern trains will be diverted between Purley and Horley, and will be unable to call at Coulsdon South, Merstham, Redhill and Earlswood. Buses will run between Purley and Horley to provide connections for customers going to and from the stations without a train service.

Thameslink will have an amended service, more details here.

Your train ticket will be valid on the replacement buses. Non folding bicycles are not allowed on rail replacement bus services at any time. Folding bicycles are allowed if fully folded. For more information, please see here

Mon, 12 Dec
Tues, 13 Dec ASLEF Driver Strike
Wed, 14 Dec ASLEF Driver Strike
Thur, 15 Dec
Fri, 16 Dec ASLEF Driver Strike
Sat, 17 Dec
Sun, 18 Dec
Mon, 19 Dec  RMT Guard Strike
Tues, 20 Dec  RMT Guard Strike
Wed, 21 Dec
Thur, 22 Dec
Fri, 23 Dec
Sat, 24 Dec Festive Period: Planned Services (subject to strike adjustments)

A normal Saturday service will run through the day. Trains will stop running for the day at 23:00

Sun, 25 Dec Festive Period: No services
Mon, 26 Dec Festive Period: Planned Services

An hourly service will run between London Victoria and Brighton. A half hourly service will run between London Victoria and Sutton and also between London Victoria and East Croydon

Tues, 27 Dec Festive Period: Planned Services

A Saturday service will run

Wed, 28 Dec Festive Period: Planned Services

A Saturday service will run with additional trains running at peak times

Thur, 29 Dec Festive Period: Planned Services

A Saturday service will run with additional trains running at peak times

Fri, 30 Dec Festive Period: Planned Services

A Saturday service will run with additional trains running at peak times

Sat, 31 Dec RMT Guard Strike Festive Period: Planned Services

A normal service will run. Additional early morning New Years Eve special services will run from 01:07 to 05:07 between London Victoria and East Croydon calling at all stations

Sun, 1 Jan RMT Guard Strike Festive Period: Planned Services

A normal service will run with minor alterations to late evening services

Mon, 2 Jan RMT Guard Strike Festive Period: Planned Services

A Saturday service will run with minor alterations to some late evening services

Tues, 3 Jan
Wed, 4 Jan
Thur, 5 Jan
Fri, 6 Jan
Sat, 7 Jan
Sun, 8 Jan
Mon, 9 Jan ASLEF Driver Strike
Tues, 10 Jan ASLEF Driver Strike
Wed, 11 Jan ASLEF Driver Strike
Thurs, 12 Jan ASLEF Driver Strike
Fri, 13 Jan ASLEF Driver Strike
Sat, 14 Jan ASLEF Driver Strike
Sun, 15 Jan

Strike week travel information for commuters from Redhill

With the strike going ahead as planned, here’s our understanding of the options available for travel into London for Redhill route passengers.

Planned Strike Week Running information

REDHILL – Trains running – PEAK to London

  • To London Bridge 06:34 …………………and that’s it
  • To Blackfriars 05:04, 05:34, 06:26, 07:11, 08:11, 09:25
  • To Victoria 07:21, 07:51, 08:21, 08:50, 09:21

REDHILL – Trains Running – Off Peak

  • To Blackfriars from 11:17 – xx:17 and xx:47 – last train 17:19 (although there is one at 00:48??)
  • To London Victoria – all daytime – xx:21 & xx:51 to 16:51, then 17:28, 17:57, 18:26 & 18:51

REDHILL – Trains Running – return from London

  • Blackfriars from 10:08 – xx:08 & xx:38 until 16:38
  • Evening Peak 17:20, 17:52, 18:30 & 19:08
  • Victoria from 07:09 – xx:09 & xx:39 – to 16:09
    EVENING PEAK 16:36, 17:03, 17:35, 18:04, 18:35 and that’s it
  • No Service from London Bridge

Other stations:

  • Merstham – NO PEAK SERVICES

Southern have suggested they hope to run an evening service from Victoria to Redhill (leaving Victoria at xx:09 & xx:39 to 23:39). They cannot confirm they can because it depends on numbers of Drivers/Guards turning up – they will not know if they can until late Monday Morning – they will publicise if it does happen.

Alternative Travel

DORKING (All services running as normal)

  • Southern will run DOO services to/from Victoria roughly every half hour – they take about an hour as they stop at most stations via Sutton
  • SWT run trains every half hour to Waterloo (via Clapham Junction) and they take about 55 minutes


  • A little known station on the Tattenham Corner branch which is just over the other side of the M25 – about 10 mins drive from Reigate/Redhill.
  • All services are DOO so will be running as normal
  • Trains run to LONDON BRIDGE approx. every half hour and take 55 minutes in peak and 50 minutes off peak.
  • There are also a few Victoria trains in the peak


  • Go Via GATWICK AIRPORT after Redhill services finish and catch
    Thameslink 00:39 to Redhill or
  • GWR service from Gatwick to Redhill and Reigate
    Depart Gatwick at 20:03, 21:03, 22:22 & 23:18
  • Don’t forget 100 bus also runs between Gatwick and Redhill – see Metrobus for times

Options using MetroBus

  • Between Redhill & Reigate on routes 420, 430, 435 & 460.
  • Between Redhill, Earlswood, Salfords, Horley, Gatwick, Crawley and Three Bridges on routes 100, 400 & 460
  • Between Redhill, Nutfield, Godstone on route 400 between Redhill Station, Nutfield (A25) & Godstone village (not evenings).

The ‘Sink Hole’ effect on the Redhill Route

Southern Sink Hole

Following the ‘Sink Hole’ Southern have introduced an emergency timetable on top of the existing emergency timetable for trains from London Bridge.

Chairperson Steve Trygg of the Reigate, Redhill and District Rail Users Association has sent the following letter to Southern Rail.

A letter from RRDRUA Chairperson Steve Trygg to Southern Rail

Re Redhill Route : Reigate, Redhill and District Rail Users’ Association

I am normally the first to back up Southern Rail in the difficult situation the Southern Rail service has found itself in over the last few years, but todays emergency timetable on an emergency timetable has made me very angry indeed, as well as being very disappointed.

The Emergency Timetable shows again the contempt that Southern Rail treats the Redhill route with and it is getting way beyond acceptable.

Firstly, at the station where Southern has already cut 55.5% of Peak London Bridge Services in 2015, that Southern then decides should not to have any peak or other service to London Bridge today. Yes, even our decimated peak services did not run. Whereas a large % of services from East Grinstead (which is peak only), Uckfield and Caterham/Tattenham trains ran.

Then off peak – where Southern has already cut in your emergency timetable all services to Victoria (meaning our 28 minute journey to Victoria is now 48-52 minutes depending on connections if any at East Croydon), that you then truncate/cancel our service to London Bridge meaning we have NO direct services to the main terminuses in London at all.

However Off-peak – East Grinstead, Uckfield, Caterham and Tattenham who have no off-peak cuts in services, all get a full normal off-peak service.

Why does the Redhill Route have to continually suffer from a lesser service than any other Southern Routes, especially in disruption?

Over the last few years Redhill Misery Route has been constantly Southerns worst performing route by a country mile! When are Southern going to create some focus on the Redhill Route to correct these problems and show fairness when cutting trains or are we to continue being the sacrificial lamb to all the other Southern Routes?

It is totally unacceptable the service reductions today even with the big problems you have. As I said Southern has treated Redhill Route customers with utter contempt in a very difficult period.

Best Regards

The Sink Hole impact (19 July 2016)

Ticket availability

Southern and Thameslink have confirmed passengers may use:

  • London Underground services between the London Terminals (including London Victoria, London Blackfriars, London St Pancras International, and London Bridge)
  • London Overground services in the South London area
  • London Buses in the South London areaSoutheastern services in Kent,
  • Tonbridge, and the South Coast. You can use your ticket between Lewisham and London Bridge
  • Gatwick Express between London Victoria and Gatwick Airport / Brighton
  • Tramlink services between Beckenham Junction and Wimbledon via East Croydon
  • South West Trains between Portsmouth / Southampton / Dorking and London Waterloo

London Bridge to Horsham trains are starting from East Croydon this afternoon. As you know all Victoria to Redhill trains are cancelled

For Merstham and Redhill (plus Reigate/Tonbridge) best bet is to go to Blackfriars for a through train to Redhill – it is slow through south London but direct and without change at ECR

Earlswood/Salfords and Horley customers may prefer to get first train to East Croydon and pick up Horsham service there

Train Running information

London Bridge

  • 16:29 London Bridge to Horsham due 17:44 – This train will be started from East Croydon.
  • 6:59 London Bridge to Horsham due 18:14 – This train will be started from East Croydon.
  • 17:32 London Bridge to Horsham due 18:50 – This train will be started from East Croydon.
  • 17:59 London Bridge to Horsham due 19:09 – Totally cancelled
  • 18:26 London Bridge to Horsham due 19:47 – This train will be started from East Croydon.
  • 18:55 London Bridge to Horsham due 20:14 -This train will be started from East Croydon.
  • 19:33 London Bridge to Horsham due 20:42 – This train will be started from East Croydon.

After 20:00

  • xx:08 LBG to Horsham trains will start from East Croydon
  • xx:38 LBG to Horsham trains will start from Victoria (not calling CLJ)


  • Trains to Redhill are xx:08 and xx:38 until 16:38 (all call at Merstham)
  • Then 17:20, 17:52, 18:30 & 19:08 – all Redhill only

Southern Rail Isn’t Working.

A message to the leader of the RMT, the Department for Transport and Southern Rail

We, your passengers, have had enough. Enough of the daily cancellations, enough of the ubiquitous delays, enough of the unofficial strikes and enough of your inaction. All of us are suffering uncertainty and stress on a daily basis, and some of us have even lost our jobs because of your imploding ‘service’. Only you can stop this, so we are asking you to get around the table now, immediately, today, and work out a deal. Don’t leave the room until you have one. We can see sense, it’s about time you did too.

From the Reigate, Redhill & District Rail Users’ Association, on behalf of all Southern Rail passengers.

Southern Rails Isn't Working. A message to the leader of the RMT, the Department for Transport and Southern Rail

A PDF of this advert can be downloaded here (1.7MB)

As featured in the Times newspaper on 6 July 2016.

Times Advert clipping

Southern Temporary Timetable and the Redhill Route

Southern Timetable Changes

This morning Southern have published an amended timetable in a bid to reduce the number of last minute cancelled trains across the network.

The full details are available directly on the Southern website here.

The changes are not good for daytime Victoria passengers who now have to change at East Croydon (also longer journey times as all trains will call at Merstham, Coulsdon & Purley).

There are now 4 instead of 6 off peak services from Redhill.

Also not good for Reigate and Tonbridge customers who lose direct service to London but still at least have shuttles to Redhill. Reigate still retains its morning peak service to London Bridge and Victoria.

Southern have said they will run longer trains and replacement bus services as well where possible.

“We will still provide 95 per cent of peak capacity to London Victoria in the morning peak and returning in the evening peak. For London Bridge, we will maintain 86 per cent of the capacity in the morning peak and 84 per cent in the evening peak.

Services between Reigate and Tonbridge to Redhill, London Victoria and London Bridge: These services will mainly operate between Reigate/Tonbridge and Redhill only. Certain peak trains will continue to operate to and from London.”

On Services between Redhill and London:

“There will be fewer services overall between London and Redhill. There will be no daytime direct service between Redhill and London Victoria. Please change at East Croydon at these times.”


The main areas affected by the timetable changes are:

  • A reduction in Southern West Coastway and East Coastway peak and off-peak services
  • A reduction in peak services between Hastings and Ashford International
  • A very limited service will operate between Brighton and Seaford at peak times only – rail replacement buses will operate between Lewes and Seaford
  • No Southern service between Redhill and London Victoria in the off-peak (peak services will run as normal, as will Thameslink services to and from London)
  • An amended Southern service between Reigate and Tonbridge via Redhill
  • No Southern service to and from Guildford (this is a peak only service and South West Trains will run as normal)
  • No Southern services via Wimbledon (Thameslink will run as normal)
  • No Southern services between London Bridge and Beckenham Junction
  • No Southern service between Milton Keynes Central and Clapham Junction
  • A reduced Gatwick Express service will operate between Brighton, Gatwick Airport and London Victoria

Redhill Route Timetable Specifics

  • The first clear point is that Off-Peak services from Tonbridge/Reigate to Victoria via Redhill will not run.
  • There will be an off-peak shuttle service from Reigate to Tonbridge to maintain services on those line
  • Off-peak daytime Redhill will continue to receive half hourly Thameslink services to Bedford via City Thameslink as well as half hourly Horsham to London Bridge trains
  • Peak Victoria services will run as normal

Morning Peak Trains from Redhill

For simplicity all services are timed from Redhill

  • Trains to Bedford : 05:04, 05:34, 06:26, 7:11, 8:11, 9:25
  • Trains to London Bridge : 06:34, 07:15, 07:40, 08:40 (only 06:43 cancelled)
  • Trains to Victoria : 05:16, 05:30, 05:48, 06:13, 06:46, 07:04, 07:23, 07:53, 08:02, 08:19, 08:31, 08:53, 09:15

There are no services to Victoria after 09:15 – change at East Croydon

Evening Peak trains to Redhill

PM Peak from Victoria and London Bridge (Thameslink operating a normal service)

  • From London Bridge: 16:29, 16:59, 17:32 (REI portion), 17:59, 18:26, 18:55, 19:23
  • From Victoria: 16:09 (not MHM, ELD or SAL but REI portion), 16:49, 17:21, 17:49, 18:19, 18:49

All call MHM, ELD and SAF unless stated

Reigate Specific Morning Peak trains

  • 07:27 to London Bridge
  • 07:40 to Vic
  • 07:52 to VIC (Extra Train – takes path of Tonbridge train to London – 08:02 from Redhill)

Compensation / Delay Repay

Southern have confirmed that the compensation available will be through the normal delay repay process.

If your journey is delayed by more than 30 minutes against the normal or revised timetable, you will be entitled to compensation.

The usual rules apply

Chairman’s Report on AGM 21 04 2016

Summary of AGM reports

As is usual as it takes a while for the minutes to be transposed and checked I thought I’d give my impressions from the AGM as a stopgap until the minutes are available later in the year.

We had a good turnout of Members at the AGM and they heard from Crispin Blunt – MP Reigate and Banstead, Alex Foulds – Passenger Services Director GTR Southern, Phil Hutchinson – Head of Strategic Planning GTR and Mike Smith – Route Enhancement Manager, Network Rail South East Route

Thanks to Gillian Ryan and Michael Fife for organising the evening and running membership, Elizabeth Warren for running round with the microphone and Robin Grant, Sara Pont and Stephen Rolph for generally helping.

We opened the meeting with the normal official business, approving the committee and accepting the treasures and membership reports. I missed ratification of new Association Terms of Reference which will be passed by email now.

In my Chairman’s address I highlighted the following: –

  • The lack of positives along the Redhill Route for Passengers
  • 10 Years of Pain for the Redhill route passenger service
    • 2006/7 – loss of regular Brighton trains
    • 2007/8 – loss of fast trains to London Bridge
    • 2012 – loss of first peak train to London Bridge
    • 2014 – loss of 5 peak services to London Bridge
    • 2015 – loss of half of direct services to London Bridge o 2015 – Loss of half of Crawley services
    • 2015 – Loss of most South Coast trains – Arun Valley
  • GTR taking over Southern as existing company running Thameslink – all our train services under a single train company run from Whitehall by the Department for Transport
  • RRDRUA took a petition with over 3,000 signatures asking for Fair Fares for Redhill route. The Under-Secretary of State (Claire Perry) actually complemented our proposal in a Parliamentary Debate
  • Despite positive comments from the Under-Secretary the final response from the DfT was disappointing – saying we wouldn’t be considered until all similar stations are looked at then extending Oyster Zones to Dartford, Hertfordshire, Brentwood and Swanley.
  • It is important to remember that DfT are the decision makers for our route not GTR Southern/Thameslink. DfT did not respond to request to attend our meeting
  • Current level of services is abysmal
    •  Lack of on-time arrival of peak services
    • Regular cuts by skip stopping
    • PPM much worse along Redhill Route
  • It is clear that the Redhill Route is the MISERY route of Southern
  • We have asked for an action plan for the Redhill Route but we are still lost in Brighton line strategies
  • Platform 0
    • Project has been cut back from 4 through platforms to just 3 due to budget reductions
    • In our opinion bad decision to make platform 1 a bay platform for GWR services
    • Concern about risk when there are last-minute platform changes with 500 plus passengers having a last-minute swap of platforms through the subway. Not really enough space

Fairs Fare – Crispin Blunt MP

Our local MP Crispin Blunt stood up to update us on the Fares Fair campaign

  • Assisted with submission of Petition
  • Used a debate in Parliament to discuss the Redhill Route prices
  • Continuing to put pressure on Department for Transport

Crispin is also a regular rail user and added personal views on how bad the service is.

Communications – Alex Foulds

I’d hoped this section would give an opportunity for GTR Southern to talk about improving communications and what they have done but very little new information was forthcoming.

Platform 0 Redhill, Platform 3 Reigate and SOLUM regeneration – Mike Smith

At RRDRUA we have been very disappointed that budget restrictions on signalling has meant this scheme has been massively reduced with Platform 1 being made a bay platform to allow Platform 0.

This means that platform 0 will become the main Northbound platform but will be just a plain platform with no facilities – no toilets, customer points or coffee shop so a major downgrade for passengers waiting.

For us the bigger concern will be when peak trains are swapped platforms between 0 and 2 which as we know happens a lot. The average train in the morning peak gets around 500 passengers so that number would have to leave one platform and go through the subway which we feel is potentially dangerous overcrowding.

Network Rail said they didn’t make any allowances and that it would not happen very often.

The potential for a third platform at Reigate was discussed. In 2018 there will be no through services to London Bridge as the new 12 car trains cannot fit in the station (nor at Tonbridge) by taking some of the car park a third platform can be added and trains to London Bridge restarted.

Network Rail have funding for feasibility stage only and they hope to have more funding to be able to build the platform in 2022.

We were also informed that Stoats Nest is unlikely to get a flyover again due to Budget cuts and thus Redhill trains will be forced along the slow lines meaning that more delays and slower journeys are our prospect.

The regeneration of Redhill station is still due to go ahead but awaits agreement between Solum and GTR about platform facilities and car parking. GTR have not agreed with Solum’s proposals.

Reliability – Alex Foulds

As usual this was an animated discussion where the emotions were very high. However, no real progress was made or promised.

2018 Timetable – Phil Hutchinson

As Chairman of RRDRUA I am very interested in the Dec 2018 timetable as it is the next major change to our services and will set the basis for the next 20 years. Thus it is important we engage with GTR and the DfT to ensure our best interests are covered.

At RRDRUA we have developed a service pattern we intend to fight for in the negotiation of this timetable: –

  • 8 trains an hour from the Redhill route
  • 2 fast & 2 slow to Victoria and 2 fast & 2 slow to London Bridge/Thameslink
  • The Fasts to London Bridge/Thameslink would be the Horsham to Peterboroug services that call at Horley, Salfords, Earlswood and Redhill then fast to East Croydon and London Bridge.
  • The Fasts to Victoria would pick up at Horley in one half hour and Coulsdon South in the other half hour and extend south of Gatwick to Brighton, enabling a half hourly express service from Redhill route to the South Coast. (these are an extension of our current Horsham to London Bridge services)
  • The Slows to London Bridge would be the existing Three Bridges to Bedford services and would call at Redhill, Merstham, Coulsdon South, Purley, East Croydon, Norwood Junction and on to London Bridge/Thameslink.
  • The Slows to Victoria would start at Tonbridge or Reigate and call at Redhill, Merstham, Coulsdon South, Purley, East Croydon, Clapham Junction and Victoria.
  • We will campaign for the Victoria slows to split at Redhill, every half hour going to Reigate (doubling the number of Southern trains at Reigate) and then alternate half hours to Tonbridge or Gatwick Airport. The Three Bridges portion allowing hourly services from Earlswood, Salfords and Horley to Victoria which they only currently get during the peaks.

Phil spoke and he stated we would only get 6 trains per hour and the missing service would be the fast to Victoria which he said could not be timetabled. Thus the fast train to London will no longer be to Victoria but to London Bridge. Also the reward of faster trains to London for Reigate customers because they lost their London Bridge service has been very short lived.

He did say they are looking at the 2 trains per hour to Reigate as per our suggestion but wouldn’t promise.

GTR Customer Disputes – Alex Foulds

There has been a lot said about this the ticket office program and the Conductor dispute. Alex explained the plans from GTR and why they are proposing the changes. A lot has been written in the press about this topic and there is little to add.

Thank you to those that attended the meeting and I hope my impressions of the meeting are of interest. Full minutes will be distributed as soon as they are available.

Agenda for AGM at 7:30 Thursday 21st April 2016

Part 1 – Official (7:30-7:45)

  1. Minutes of Previous AGM (distributed prior to meeting)
  2. Election of Committee
    • Stephen Trigg (Chairman)
    • Gillian Ryan (Treasurer)
    • Michael Fife (Committee Secretary)
    • Robin Grant (Horley)
    • Martin Emery (Merstham/Nutfield)
    • Christopher Daniels (Website/Off-Track)
    • Elizabeth Warren (Reigate)
    • Sara Pont (Media)
    • Stephen Rolph (Salfords)
    • Hannah Walsh (Redhill)
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Ratification of Association Terms of Reference
  5. Chairman’s Address

Part 2 – Fares (7:45-8:00)

  1. President’s Address and Fair Fares Update – Crispin Blunt MP
  2. Questions and Answers on Fares

Part 3 – GTR (8:00-8:15)

  1. Southern/Thameslink – Communications to Passengers – Alex Foulds
  2. Questions and Answers – Communications

Part 4 – Network Rail (8:15-8:35)

  1. Network Rail – Platform 0 (Redhill) / Platform 3 (Reigate) / Redhill rebuild (SOLEM) – Mike Smith
  2. Questions and Answers – Infrastructure

Part 5 – GTR (8:35-8:50)

  1. Southern/Thameslink – Reliability – Alex Foulds / Mike Smith
  2. Questions and Answers – Reliability

Part 6 – GTR (8:50-9:10)

  1. Southern/Thameslink – Dec 2018 timetable improvements – Phil Hutchison
  2. Questions and Answers – Timetable 2018

Part 7 – GTR/Transport Focus/LTW (9:10-9:25)

  1. Ticket Office Plan and Conductors on trains Plan – Alex Foulds /
  2. Questions and Answers – Customer Service

Part 8

  1. General Questions and Answers